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Kickstart Productive Days

Own your time like a boss with Yoodoo, the visual daily planner with a timeline that guides you through your day to get things done.

Over 1 million productive days created ★★★★★
• Designed for ADHD by an ADHD Brain
• Syncs with your other calendars
• 100% Free!

For the ADHDoers.

Powered by Time-blocking

Know the feeling?

Easily distracted?
You start the day with good intentions, but get easily distracted often.
Struggling to focus?
You start on tasks, only to abandon them to check on *more important* stuff.
Where to start?
You don't know where to start, so leave things till the last moment.

Meet Time-blocking

Unlike other task apps, Yoodoo is designed to help you transform your dreaded tasks into manageable, bite-sized chunks of productivity called Time-blocking. It's part of Yoodoo's daily planning system guaranteed to 5x your daily productivity. 

Yoodoo Guides You Through Your Day

No more struggling on your own. Yoodoo provides guidance, discipline, and structure when you need it most, so you can finish the day feeling confident and at peace.

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Progress over perfection.


A Place For All Your Plans

Organise your thoughts with dedicated lists, complete with reminders and deadlines, so you never forget a thing.

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A Timeline of Your Day

Stay on track with real-time guided task tracking using a visual timeline, so you always know what to start and finish and when.

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Focus for Every Task

Turn your phone into a focus timer that cuts out the noise, keeps you on track and helps you get the job done.

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Plan for Tomorrow

End each day with peace of mind with a daily review that recognises your progress and rolls over unfinished tasks to the next day.

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Build Consistent Habits & Routines

Start and commit to anything with templates and routines that help you achieve your goals consistently.

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Turn Chaos into Clarity

Make complicated tasks easier by breaking them into manageable checklist steps, making them easier to start.

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Minimal distractions

Yoodoo's Focus Timers allows you to set concentrated work periods and rest breaks tailored to your workflow.

Easy rescheduling

You can either move unfinished tasks to the next day or reschedule them at a later time.

Your Calendars Connected

See everything in one place for a holistic view of your day.

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Easy to learn

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Become indistractable

Designed by Professionals

Hey, I'm Ross, and believe it or not, I accidentally made this app to help myself get my act together. Surprise! It's perfect for people with ADHD—like yours truly! With a decade of app designing under my belt, I'm only halfway through crafting this ultimate planner. It's already awesome and only getting better. Give Yoodoo a spin and see what magic you can make happen!

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I've already tried tonnes of apps, why is Yoodoo different?

Quite simply, it has a time-block calendar that helps you create a plan for your day quickly, and keeps you focused throughout the day. Distraction is a bitch. Time-blocking helps you do lot's of tasks throughout the day, with specific end and start times. I don't know why it works but it just does!

I've got ADHD, why is this for me?

It's not just about getting things done; it's about doing them in a way that makes sense to us. We can't visualise time and tasks get lost inside our head. With Yoodoo you can visualise time and you can get all those weird and wonderful ideas out of your head and onto lists. It's honestly perfect for us!

WTF is time-blocking?

It helps you break your day down into manageable, focused segments so you can do lot's of things whilst being focused on only one task at a time. It's a scientific method that works for ADHD really well! Just give it a go!

Is it really free?

Yes, it's totally free! I genuinely want to help ADHD'ers and procrastinators achieve more with their lives. The app does have some limits, which can be unlocked with a PRO upgrade. But this is super affordable (like $6 a month) which all goes back into helping me to make this app even more awesome for us.

Are you stealling my data?

No. You don't even need to log in. Yoodoo collects NOTHING. I don't know what's on your lists, your day or anything - I don't even wanna know. I'm just focused on making this app super bloody awesome!

Will Yoodoo be around forever?

Yes. We have zero server costs - I don't collect data - so it costs nothing to maintain. Plus I am constantly working on improving the app. I work as professional UX/UI designer, and I have been designing apps for years. It's my obsession so it will always be getting better. I do need subscription money to help me build it though, so the more you use it and talk about it, the better it becomes!

Is it a pain to set up though?

Not at all. I've created a bunch of helpful videos that show you how to use it. Plus there is no login either, just download it once and BOOM, you are in. It's honestly so damn easy!

I'm forgetful. I'll never remember to use it.

I get it. I have that issue too sometimes, which is why this is my #1 problem to solve - "how to find a way to help me use it every day". I've solved this with a bunch of new features that I'm adding regularly. So go download the app andsee what it's all about.

Are there any tutorials or support available for new Yoodoo users?

Yes, you can watch them here