Plan your day the Time-block way

Plan exactly what to do & when with time-blocking on Yoodoo, a daily planner designed to help you schedule tasks by time, and boost productivity.

Over 1 million tasks completed! ★★★★★
• Perfect for people with ADHD
• Syncs with your calendar
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For the ADHDoers.

How Time-blocking works

Know the feeling?

Easily distracted?
You start the day with good intentions, but get easily distracted often.
Struggling to focus?
You start on tasks, only to abandon them to check on *more important* stuff.
Where to start?
You don't know where to start, so leave things till the last moment.

Meet Time-blocking

Unlike other task apps, Yoodoo is designed to help you transform your dreaded tasks into manageable, bite-sized chunks of productivity called Time-blocking. It's part of Yoodoo's daily planning system guaranteed to 5x your daily productivity. 

No more feeling overwhelmed

Yoodoo provides a space to help you store, start and track your tasks, using a time-block calendar to help you get them done.


Organize tasks

Organize and prioritize all your  tasks on a simple to-do list.


Plan your day

Schedule tasks using Yoodoo's unique time-block calendar.

Get more done

Stay on track with timers, checklists and helpful reminders.

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Progress over perfection.


Organize tasks

Quickly list and prioritize tasks so they're all in one place, ready to start.

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Plan your day

Utilize Yoodoo's unique time-block calendar to quickly assign specific start and end times to tasks.

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Stay on track

Stay laser-focused on tasks with timers and checklists to ease overwhelm.

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Easily reschedule

Reflect on your day and reschedule any unfinished tasks to another time.

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Build consistency

Develop habits and track progress to ensure steady personal growth and hit long-term goals.

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Create checklists and routines to streamline your daily tasks to ensure efficiency and consistency.

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Minimal distractions

Yoodoo's Focus Timers allows you to set concentrated work periods and rest breaks tailored to your workflow.

Easy rescheduling

You can either move unfinished tasks to the next day or reschedule them at a later time.

Combine your work & personal calendars

Merge all your calendar events together in one unified view.

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Easy to learn

Join over 20,000 happy planners

Become indistractable

Hi, I'm Ross

With 10 years in app design, I created Yoodoo for folks like us who need a boost in focus. As someone with ADHD, I get the struggle. My lifesaver? Time-blocking. It helped me sort my tasks and focus with ease.

So, I turned that idea into Yoodoo. It's fun, free to start, and perfect for getting things on track. Try it out, it might just flip your day from chaotic to productive. Excited to have you join the Yoodoo crew. Let's make our days more productive and way more fun!

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What is Yoodoo and how can it boost my productivity?

Yoodoo is more than just a daily planner app; it's a cleverly crafted productivity plan that works for you. By helping you schedule tasks efficiently using time-blocking, a smart task management method that helps you focus on tasks visually and one at a time. Yoodoo transforms your everyday hustle into a journey of accomplishment. Discover how to improve daily productivity uniquely tailored to your rhythm.

How does Yoodoo cater to individuals with ADHD?

We understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with ADHD. Yoodoo is designed to be an ADHD-friendly space, providing tools that enhance focus and simplify task organization. It's not just about getting things done; it's about doing them in a way that suits your needs, visually and one at a time.

Can Yoodoo help with time blocking and managing a busy schedule?

Absolutely! Time blocking is a powerful technique, and Yoodoo makes it effortless. With our intuitive design, you can manage a busy schedule by breaking it into manageable, focused segments. Experience the effectiveness of time blocking using Yoodoo for a more organized, productive day.

How does Yoodoo's unique time-block calendar work?

Our time-block calendar is a core feature that sets Yoodoo apart. It enables you to visually organize your day into distinct time segments, dedicating specific periods to certain tasks. This method maximizes daily productivity, turning your time into a valuable asset.

What features make Yoodoo ideal for daily planning and organization?

Yoodoo is packed with features that cater to effective daily planning and task organization. From customizable reminders to prioritization tools, each feature is designed to streamline your day and boost your productivity in a user-friendly environment.

How can Yoodoo help in managing distractions and staying focused?

In today's fast-paced world, managing distractions is key to staying focused. Yoodoo offers tools and settings that help minimize interruptions, allowing you to concentrate on completing tasks and achieving your goals with greater efficiency. Focus timers allow you to focus for set periods of time, time blocks help you to visualise time and stay on track, whilst helpful reminders prompt you to start tasks and make plans for your day. 

What are the benefits of using Yoodoo for personal and work tasks?

Yoodoo is versatile enough to handle both personal and work tasks with ease. By providing a single platform for all your planning needs, it helps maintain a healthy work-life balance, ensuring you stay organized and productive in every aspect of your life.

How user-friendly is Yoodoo for beginners?

Starting with Yoodoo is a breeze, even for beginners. Our intuitive interface guides you through setting up and using the app, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience from the very first task you schedule.

Are there any tutorials or support available for new Yoodoo users?

We offer a range of tutorials and support options for new Yoodoo users. Whether you prefer self-guided learning or personalized assistance, our resources are designed to help you make the most of Yoodoo's features and capabilities.