Gain an extra workday per employee per week.

Yoodoo is a personal planner built to boost productivity and focus in the workplace for people who think, work, and plan differently.

• Integrates with Google calendars
• Gain 2hrs extra time every day
• Boost productivity by 25%


"I'm feeling overwhelmed."


"I'm not sure how to start this."


"Can we break this task down?"

Sometimes work can become stressful, especially for those who struggle with staying focused and organized. For the 20% of people who suffer from some kind of neurodiversity, information is processed differently, which can sometimes pose challenges if not properly addressed. Even neurotypical individuals face similar challenges.

Fortunately, tools like the Yoodoo App are available to assist. Yoodoo offers a tailored approach, helping individuals manage tasks and time effectively. Whether through establishing routines, crafting lists, time-blocking, or using timers for focus, Yoodoo helps users take control of their day for enhanced efficiency.

A more simple way to work.

Yoodoo uses Time-blocking to organize tasks on a visual timeline for a clearer work day.


Take control

Spend a few minutes each morning to list & prioritize tasks.

Organize time

Schedule tasks as blocks of time to work through one by one.


Focus & succeed

Use focus timers to stay on track, work through tasks, and get stuff done.

Increase productivity & get better business results.


Clearer goals and priorities.

With a to-do list team members can visualise what they need to do, which tasks are a priority, and when work is due.


A clean and simple plan for the day.

With a visual timeline, team members can schedule their tasks using time-blocks to create a clear daily plan they can count on.


More focus, less distractions.

Distractions throw productivity off-track. Make it easy for team members to focus on the task at hand with check-list focus timers.


Productivity on autopilot.

Automate regular tasks and routines to increase efficiency, and free up time for more strategic and creative endeavors.

"We have countless examples within Neurodiversity in Business with some of our corporate members who are now tapping into very particular skill sets and reaping significant rewards."

Dan Harris - CEO of Neurodiversity in Business


Of millennial and Get Z spend 2hrs+ per work day distracted by their phones.


Average distractions per work day cost £4000 per employee, per year.


People with ADHD in the work place. That's the entire size of the USA.

Boost workplace productivity by 25%.

Helps different minds work together.

Effective worktools for your team.

Build a happier, more effective team.

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Easy to rollout

Instantly downloadable to any Apple or Android device.

Incredible value

From just $5 per team member per month.

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What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term that encompasses neurological differences like Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia.

Yoodoo is a productivity tool that benefits everyone, but those who are neurodiverse will benefit most.

What makes Yoodoo different to other planner and calendar apps?

On Yoodoo, users can schedule their day by transferring tasks from their to-do list to their calendar. As they mark off completed tasks on their calendar, these tasks are simultaneously marked as completed on their to-do list. This synchronicity ensures they never forget to complete a task, providing peace of mind as they can always recall what has and hasn't been done.

When you combine this with a plethora of other features like routine planning, focus timers, and more that we've incorporated, it results in a highly efficient daily planning system that actually works.

Is Yoodoo assistive technology?


Assistive technology is used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. Yoodoo was designed for this in mind, to support accessibility and neuroinclusion from day one.

How much does Yoodoo cost?

Yoodoo costs start from just $60 per employee per year. Not bad considering $4800 is the cost of just social media distraction alone, per employee per year. Imagine all that wasted money and time that could be saved a year by one small app.

What's the setup process for my workplace?

Book a demo to see Yoodoo and receive a recommendation for your team.

Step 2:
We'll create a portal for employee app downloads and codes, ready in 24 hours.

Step 3:
Employees can watch our tutorials to maximize Yoodoo's benefits.

Step 4:
Start enjoying Yoodoo!

What if something goes wrong, how will it be fixed?

Our 24/7 tech and support team ensures you're always in good hands.

Does it work on desktop?

Currently, no. Yoodoo is optimized for mobile, allowing users to focus anytime, anywhere by transforming their phone, a common distraction, into a productivity tool.

Do you collect any data?

Concerned about privacy? We don't collect data. We prioritize user privacy, ensuring a stress-free experience without employer surveillance, ensuring a clean level of trust between employee and employer.


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