Hi, I'm Ross

What's up my fellow Yoodoo'ers. My name's Ross, and I am the ADHD'er who created this app for people like us.

If you're here, I can only assume like me, you're currently looking for a way to get on top of all your s**t. Well, that's exactly how I used to feel. I managed my time awfully. I used to procrastinate HARD, struggled to multi-task and felt overwhelmed and unfocused. But it all changed when I discovered...


My days are now super productive and focused. Every day just flows.

I started time-blocking using a pen and paper, but realised I needed an app so I could list and time-block on the go. But there wasn't one, so I made one.

Disclaimer: I work as a professional app designer so that helped, a lot!

After 8 months of solid graft (and time-blocking) I launched the first version and now have thousands of downloads, hundreds of daily users, and growing!

This proves to me that Yoodoo works and people are loving it!

If you want to try time-blocking then it's the app for you.

Plus it's totally free to download and use.

If you like it, then let me know, and if it works for you please pass it on to others who also struggle with focus and productivity.

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed building it.

Have fun!