10 Ways to Surviving the ADHD Apocalypse

Emma Sherringham
August 18, 2023

Let's be honest, the ADHD Apocalypse isn't on its way – it's already here. And it’s not the zombies you have to worry about, it's the relentless barrage of WhatsApp group notifications and that constant urge to see what's happening on Twitter every 0.32 seconds.

But don’t throw in the towel and join the distracted masses just yet. Here, for your delight and possibly salvation, are ten completely over-the-top, but strangely practical, strategies to survive this mayhem.

1. The Fortress of Solitude (For the Easily Distracted)

Ever wanted your very own superhero lair? Now’s your chance. Convert your shed, wardrobe, or under-the-stairs cupboard into your personal bunker. No wi-fi allowed. Just you and your task. And maybe a cape if you’re feeling fancy.

2. Dress to Impress (Yourself)

The secret to conquering the ADHD Apocalypse? Dress like you're attending the Met Gala every day. That's right, put on your glitziest outfit, strut around your living room, and let that confidence ooze into your focus levels.

3. Block Party for One

Met a guy at the pub once who kept glancing at a neon-coloured chart. Thought it was a festival line-up, but nope - it was his time-blocked day. Assign your tasks to specific slots and defend those slots like they’re the last pints in Britain. It was Yoodoo. Try yourself and gloat to strangers in pubs too.

4. There's An App for That (Sigh)

Irony alert! The very devices that distract you can also save you. Grab some swanky productivity apps, such as Evernote or Yoodoo. They're like the Swiss Army knife of the digital age - minus the actual knife.

5. Tech Detox: Like a Juice Cleanse, But Less Pretentious

Remember life before 24/7 online madness? Me neither. But taking an hour off every day from your devices can be as rejuvenating as a spa break. Minus the awkward robe-wearing encounters.

6. Distraction Tag-Team

Recruit a mate. Every time you catch each other losing focus, enact a forfeit. Could be a silly dance, a ridiculous accent, or reciting Shakespeare. Honestly, whatever floats your apocalyptic boat.

7. Mind Gym – Because Dumbbells Don’t Improve Concentration

Thought meditation was for monks and celebs on retreats? Think again. A quick ten-minute mind workout can sharpen your focus and make you feel more Zen than a cat meme on a Sunday morning.

8. Morning Rituals: Less Witchcraft, More Productivity

Kickstart your day with an utterly daft but invigorating ritual. Maybe a cha-cha slide to the bathroom or a cuppa in your fanciest teacup. Whatever jolts you awake without an electric shock.

9. Bookworming: Retro Distraction-Busting

Here's a throwback: books! Remember those? Not only are they vintage chic, but they're also a fabulous escape from the beeping world. Dive in, old school.

10. Unfollow, Mute, Delete – The Holy Trinity

Your peace of mind is a VIP club. Not everyone deserves an invite. Make a savage list and ditch anything (or anyone) that doesn’t bring you joy or at least a decent meme.

Right, then. With these ludicrous yet strangely effective strategies, you're now ready to face the ADHD Apocalypse. Or at the very least, make it through a Zoom call without wondering what's for dinner. Onward, to mildly improved concentration!

Remember to use time blocking daily planner apps like Yoodoo to help you on your way. If you remember to survive that is.

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