How to Fast-Track Your Day in Just 20 Seconds!

Emma Sherringham
September 1, 2023

Now, imagine waking up and having your whole day scheduled in less time than it takes to burn your toast. Breakfast at 8, emails at 9, guitar shred session at 5, gym at 7. Boom! 🎸

But what about life, ambitions, distractions, and the never-ending to-do lists? How do we juggle it all, without morphing into scatterbrained zombies?

Easy. It's called streamlining, and it all starts with creating a list of reusable tasks you do often.

Here's how "Yoodoo" it.

Step 1:

List the everyday humdrum activities—eating, Netflixing, existential questioning—and of course your #Goals—learning Spanish, becoming a chef, or whatever tickles your fancy. For this example we'll stick to breakfast, coffee, social media and Spanish.

Step 2:

Now open your empty timeline for the day, and pick the first block you want to schedule.

Step 3:

Now go to 'tasks'

‍Step 4:

Pick the favourite you want to add.

‍Step 5:

Add it to your day!

Pretty easy and quick! Repeat until you have a whole day of tasks lined up!

Want to shift gears even faster?

Save your day as a 'Template' and use it like your life's cheat code to add to any day in a second. YES, A SECOND!

When you can plan your day faster, you graduate from merely being busy to being productive. It's like owning a teleportation device for your goals.

Yoodoo isn’t just a daily planner; it’s your life’s screenplay writer, automating the mundane, so you can focus on the blockbuster moments. Try it. Trust it. Triumph with it.

If you haven't already tired it give it a go now to see what "Yoo can Doo".



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